A Rainy Day

When I woke up this morning I was so excited to get to work on a SPECIAL new blog post, it would actually be my very first planned out post with amazing pictures and all. But of course I had to face many problems along the way (well I’m just exaggerating, not many, but quiet a few). Have you ever just had that day where you wake up in tip-top shape and are just ready to get going, yeah well that was me, and then it started.

After I woke up I did all the things that normal people do in the morning, brush my teeth, bathe, yada yada yada, that’s when I realized something, I felt something in my stomach. I know that as soon as  I say that I can see all you girls and women twitch in your seat. YES. It was the P word. The Dot. I was do for a very unpleasant surprise. ANYWAYS!! Haha. So that was a bust because my stomach hurt more than it ever has in my short amount of years of life. But I said to myself “NO. We are doing this today no matter what”, but in reality I was so sick it just wasn’t working, I could hardly move.

It reminded me of all the times I didn’t finish a school project and the night before it was due, and I had nothing done, even though I was so tired I was still determined to finish it. That was today. So I marched my way to my mother’s bedroom and told her it was time for photo taking. Guess what she just would not help me, so most people are probably thinking “Well DUH Mikaila. Just ask a friend”. Well that’s the problem. I have no friends. Actually, I do have friends, they’re just not the type I am comfortable with showing off my clothes in front of. Yes people,  life is not always what Youtubers make it out to be. When they say what to do during summer time, which includes “hanging out with friends” I’m like but I don’t have any. Now that I think about that’s actually really funny. I was still determined to take those freakin’ pictures.

Later on I took a nice nap. Not sure for how long. When I woke up a second time, I. Was. Ready. But as soon as I peeped my head to look out the window it was pouring rain outside.


But even though I never really  got anything done, I was still a peace just looking out at the rain. So that was my day, hope you enjoyed yours!






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