A Slushy-Tastic Evening

OMG! My very first ootd envolved post. How huge is this. This is pretty small step in my life, but it takes a few small ones to make a big one, right? Anyways, let’s dive right in.

On this sunny Monday evening I. WAS. BORED. AS. HELL (hint for soon to come post)! Now a days all  I see kids doing, including myself, who, when they’re bored, just go on social media. But I had a door open and shed some light. My mom was conveniently going out, so I said “You know what, I’m going to take this opportunity.”  I jumped in my best, casual, and comfortable outfit and was so excited to get out of the house.




The thing is about my little adventure is that my mom had leave so I ended up going to get a slushy by myself! And I put an exclamation mark because I actually enjoyed it. I wasn’t forced to talk to anyone (you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about), and just observing my surroundings was very calming. Plus my slushy was damn good.


Sometime all a person looks for are the simple things. No I don’t go to special events and movie premiers, but a 2 dollar slushy from your local convenient store, and some good self reflection.

Hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day.






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