My Favourite 2015 Summer Trends

Before this summer started I was sure it was going to be a great one, can you guess why? Because I could just see the new summer trends coming a long that would change the fashion world forever.

People looking their best decked out on the beach in the latest style. So today I have gathered up some awesome summer trends that keep you looking fabulous this summer.

First up we have the body chain. Everyone has heard of it whether it was on YouTube or seen it on Tumblr, or basically any fashion app or website. I would say that these are PERFECT for wearing to the beach. Although it’s not all that great for swimming, it shows off every body type and ads an extra glow and shine that your swim suit needed. If you’re not into that they also go great with crop tops to show off your figure. That’s not the only kind of body chain there is, a style that is finally arising from the darkness is…shin chains. At first I thought that sounded really weird, but when I saw them a completely understood the fuss.

Body Chain Collage

Next up on the list of things that I absolutely need for summer are t-shirt dresses. Yes, yes I know they’ve been out for quiet a while now, but they are so laid back, but at the same time so chic and easy to style. They are perfect for everything (I’m not exaggerating). One of the things I love about them is the fact they are so easy to style, which makes them magnificent for women on the go. With my style I would pair it with a pastel coloured necklace to add some colour, and for shoes, a pair of ankle booties will go great with this kind of dress, or if you aren’t the ankle boots type just go for some Nike’s. Plus a jeans flannel. If the season changes, I would recommend a cover up like a plaid flannel, or a jeans jacket, and with the booties some knee high socks!


This next trend is one that has been going on for quiet a while now, it is awesome to wear to concerts, mostly Coachella, and is so colourful and fun it just had to be added in the mix. It is you guessed it, Flower Crowns! Of course the Hudge (if you don’t know, Vanessa Hudgens) was the one who started it all, and then was known to be worn at music festivals especially. But the truth is they can be worn anywhere and everywhere, year round.

It might sound a litlle rediculous, but it is true. Thye add an extra POP of colour that is needed in every summer outfit. And if you don’t like bright colours as much, no a days they also have black flower crowns I would recommend these during the fall time.

So remember to jazz up your style this summer with a little colour. Just Make it your own!






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