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Hello everyone, now today I have a special blog post! This post is all about ME! I know that sounded really self obsessed, but it’s true. So I gathered up some TMI tag questions from Tumblr and answered them for you all! Let’s Go!

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1.What are you wearing?

Pajamas. Not very interesting.

2. Have you ever been in love?

Nope. Not once considering I’m so young.

3. How tall are you?

5’10. WOW, right?

4. How much do you weigh?

I’m pretty sure about 110 lbs, maybe.

5. Any tattoos or piercings?

Oh heck to the no, my mom would kill me.

6. OTP?

Stefan and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries, I would pick Damon and Elena, but SOMEONE decided to leave so… Steroline for life!

7. Favourite show?

The Vampire Diaries forever and always.

8. Favourite band?

The 1975

9. Something you miss?

My friends from school very much, they are the ultimate highlight of my school years.

10. Favoutire song?

Way to many to count.

11. How old are you?

I’ll leave that a secret, but I’ll give you a hint. I am young.

12. Zodiac sign?

img-thing (1)

13. Quality you look for in a partner?

Brains definitely.

14. Who is your favourite actor?

Anne Hathaway.

15. Favourite colour?


16. Loud music or soft?


17. Where do you go when you’re sad?

Straight to my room and listen to music or just watch YouTube the rest of the day.

18. How long does it take you to shower?

Around 12 minutes. Not very long.

19. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning

It takes me usually 1 hour. Some girls take 3 hours, but not me.

20. Have you ever been in a physical fight?

No. Funny thing is that whenever someone would say “Do you wanna fight?” I just say “No”. Because there is really no point in us fighting. I’m gonna get hurt, you’re gonna get hurt, so… You guys and girls should keep that in mind before you fight someone.

21. Turn on’s?

When he is either tall or really smart. And if it’s both that just makes me so excited.

22. Turn off’s?

The worst thing is definitely when I look at a guy and he is just BEAUTIFUL and then he opens his mouth and is the biggest jerk on the planet. I don’t even care if he isn’t not smart, because being flat out mean is just terrible.

23. The reason I made this blog?

I made this blog because I really needed something in my life that would give me excitement every time I woke up in the morning, and that is definitely working. It started out with me wanting a YouTube chanel. But my mom wouldn’t allow it. So I considered a blog and here we are.

24. What are your fears?

Spiders. Ugh.

25. Last thing that made you cry?

The scene in The Vampire Diaries where Damon died and said goodbye to Elena.

26. Meaning behind your blog name?

I chose the name Mindless Fashion because when I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing, and the blog is mainly about fashion and that’s what I love so there you go.

27. Last book you read?

The last book I read was Rick Riordan’s The Blood of Olympus. My favourite series next to The Percy Jackson Series.

28. The book you’re currently reading?

I am currently reading a book called Guy in Real Life it’s pretty boring so far.

29. Last show you watched?

The Maury show. Wow.

30. What is your favourite food?

I actually have a few. Oh my gosh, that sounded so greedy but it’s true. They are Cotton candy, pizza, and cinnamon buns.

31. Place you want to visit?


32. Last place you were?

A birthday party.

33. Do you have a crush?


34. Last time you kissed someone?

In my dreams. LOL.

35. Favourite flavour?

Green apple 🍏 or orange 🍊.

36. What instrument do you play?

The base (the string instrument).

37. Favourite piece of jewelry?

Statement necklaces, definitely.

38. Last sport you played?


39. Last song you sang?

Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie.

40. Favourite pick up line?

“Are you from Jamaica?”, “Because Jamaican me crazy”. Hahaha hahaha.

Thanks for ready! Hope this was as amusing to you as much as it was to me.

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I wish you all




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