5 Movies To Watch When You’re Finally Alone

Yes! You’re finally alone! Now what do you do? I would advice you to do a lot of things, but there’s 1 thing that’s awesome to do alone. Watch Movies. You may think movies are made to watch with friends, but I actually love watching movies by myself. I’ll give you some reasons why.

  • I can laugh as loud as I want
  • I can talk as much as I want
  • I can sing and dance with no judgement

I honestly don’t know what’s better than that. Anyway, here is my list!

1. Hairspray



This is the movie that I watched over, and over, and, over every single day when I was a kid. Mainly because of Zac. It is one of my absolute favourite movies of all time. Perfect to watch alone. While you watch enjoy your dancing spree.

2. Happy feet

For me Happy Feet is one of those movies that at first seems like it will be a kid movie. But when it finishes, has a way deeper meaning then what you thought. And I actually cried at the end of this film. And if you haven’t seen it then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!


3. Hercules

Honestly this goes for every single Disney movie ever made, just watch them all. Hercules involves a lot of gospel styled music, which personally was a bold choice for Disney, but is also an awesome on.


4. KIck ass

This movie is hilarious,  when you’re alone watching this movie go ahead and laugh, and dance as loud as you want. Matter of a fact go ahead and practice your fighting skills as well, I won’t judge.



5. dirty dancing

I think we already know why this movie is perfect to watch alone. “Dirty Dancing” ; )


giphy (1)

And there you have it, 5 Movies To Watch When You’re Finally Alone. If I missed any honorable mentions let me know in the comments!

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