The One thing I’ve Learned About High School


Hola friends. Nice to be back again after about 2 weeks. That may not seem like that long, but for me it felt like forever!

So here’s a little recap of the past few months. I started high school in September and I’ve picked up a few things along the way. Being in school for 2 months and 1/4 has made me realise one thing.

No one cares, but everyone cares.

Now, just with that sentence, you will probably know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, then let me explain. You see, before you head off to high school, usually you ask your older friends, or your parents, what high school is actually like, and they sometimes end up beating around the bush, saying things like, “It will be a great experience for you”, or “Try new things”. But here is what that 6 word sentence is actually all about.

In high school, I’ve seen quiet a bit. I’ve witnessed people, who I thought were friends, talk trash about others. And those are the people who kids try to impress the most. They’ll do things they don’t really want to do, all while acting like they don’t care. But what the Fakers, and the Cover ups don’t realise is that no one actually cares about what you look like, what your doing, or what you did wrong, even though you might think they do. Trust me on this one, No one gives a.. 

Almost every individual, when they walk down those hallways past all those people, think that someone is judging them, but in reality no is, and for the kids that do judge, it’s because they might have the exact same problem as you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you want to be silly, be silly. If you want to where cat ears every single day to class, you do that! And if you want to speak your mind, don’t let anyone shut you down.

That was kind of a different post than usual, but don’t worry, part 3 of my series is coming up soon! Oh, and be sure to follow me on bloglovin’.

Thank you so mush for reading!




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