When You’re So Ready For Fall Pt 4: Just Hangin’



crop topcrop top/maxi dress hybridboyfriend jeansmini platforms

“Whaaaaat?! Mikaila, you’re not outside?” Nope, not today folks, it was just way to cold for me out there.

So how do you like pt. 4 for this mini series. I wanted to come up with an outfit that was mainly for my lovelies over in warmer places. Fall’s not always cold you know. If you couldn’t tell, I actually layered 2 different styled tops; a stripped, red and black crop sweater/top, and a crop top/maxi dress hybrid. It kind of gives it this super hero vibe, like a long dramatic cape.

So that was part 4 of my Fall Series, I really hope you enjoyed it, and be sure to keep a look out for the final part, pt. 5.

While your at it, go ahead and follow this blog and hit that like button, and if you’re up to it leave a comment, I would love to know what you like to wear during the fall time.

Thanks soooooooooo… much for reading and supporting!




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