Body Image, Learning to Love YOU


Hey little panda, so today I have a more personal post. I know what you’re thinking, “Mikaila why?! Just show me some clothes!”. I know, I know, but sometimes I like to just sit in my onsey, and right about something that matters to me, you know? I’m compelled to spread the goodness, what can I say. Anyway, so this post, which you might have noticed by the title, is about how you see yourself, body image, and learning to love yourself. Recently, I’ve had negative vibes from certain people around me, and I realised that someone else has probably had this problem throughout there lives.

When I was smaller, there were always kids that tried to make you feel ugly, or just not good enough, and there always will be. They would say I was ugly, and it befudled me because as a child I had never thought about looks at ALL. It never crossed my mind that someone could appear unattractive to others and be called out on it. I mean that’s ridiculous, why would someone want to ever hurt the feelings of someone else, it’s not like I can just change my face. So when I got older I made sure to not make anyone feel less then.


The reality of it is, is that in our society people are not accepting of things and people that are different. What we’re taught to like in a person will change, for example: before (and I’m talking the 1700’s) people were obsessed with women that were thicker because it showed, to them, that they were “fruitful, healthy, and wealthy”. But there was a switch when people started to feel ashamed that they were thicker than others, because now society was obsessed with looking smaller. And we’ve been obsessed with that for quiet a while, just recently people have began to love big butts, big boobs, all while having a tiny waste. The truth is, as you’ve seen in my fashion based posts, is that I only have 1/3 of those things, and for some people that’s not enough. Which sucks because I’m actually pretty awesome if I may say so myself.

Society is a little wishy washy when it comes to looks, what we are told to like now will most likely change in the next 10 years or so. Just because you don’t have what someone thinks you should have, doesn’t make you less/more than. They’ll say you’re too fat, that you’re too skinny, for them you’ll never be good enough, so why not just be good enough for yourself. Trust me, it feels so much better then hearing the verdict on how you should dress and look everyday.


People will try to put you down no matter what, but it’s how you handle it. Sometimes what I do when someone says, “Wow! You’re really skinny! “, I just say thank you. They get really confused, because apparently that’s not supposed to be a good thing, so I’ve heard, but why can’t it be, why can’t what EVERYONE has be a good thing no matter what they look like. It would make things a lot easier. What I’ve realised is that as long as you think you slay, no one can tell you any different.


I think it sucks when someone goes out of their way to change who they are just because their interests, or appearance is not what’s good to someone else. If they had only realised what an amazing person they were, then they’d be able to except themselves, and not apologize for who they are. That goes for YOU TO. Acknowledge that you have great qualities, if someone thinks the way you dress is quote one quote “old fashioned”, then so be it, as long you love it don’t apologize. Some people are afraid to show that they actually do love themselves because it may come off as cocky to others. When someone says you look nice today, it’s not a crime to say thank you and that you agree. They say, ” Love yourself ” all the time, but as soon as you acknowledge that you do they say it’s rude. Well, tough nubs, because I’d rather love me
then hate me.

The thing is we are so focused on how we look, that we don’t get to appreciate the other things about us that are pretty cool too. That, you have to do for yourself.

And finally, the moment of truth, when it actually hits you that you are so fantabulous! It feels amazing to know your worth, and to know that you deserve the best and more. When you learn those things all of a sudden nothing can touch you, because you know that even though you’re not someone’s ideal model, you are one of a kind.


SEE, this was a different post, but I hope I didn’t disappoint. I really, really hope you learned something from me blabbing my mouth off.

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