Easy DIY: Star Spangled Jeans

Recently I was on one of my favourite online stores: Asos, when I spotted an awesome pair of boyfriend jeans with stars plastered on. I thought they were SO cute, but the down side was that they were kind of on the pricey side… well to me anyway. So I decided I would make my own and share my creation with you.

So first off, I took one of my pairs of jeans, that I was kind of growing out anyway, to cut and paint on. Now for the only tricky part of the DIY, and that is to make the star stencil. Obviously you can buy one, but I really DID NOT want to take a bus just to get a star stencil.

Then came the fun part, the painting!!! I used white paint, but you can use ANY colour your heart desires.

Next, all I did was cut the ends to my liking.

Lastly all you gotta do is fringe the ends a little bit so that they don’t look as sharp.

And there you have it, some cute star spangles jeans. And no these are not meant for the Fourth of July, but I thought the name just had a good ring to it. I hope you take some time to do this DIY especially if you’ve been sitting around this summer.

Thank you so much for reading! โค

And don’t forget to SLAY today!!!๐Ÿ’‹


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