Holiday Flow | Outfit + Body Positivity

Christmas is here! I hope you had a great day. One of the things I’ve heard this week is about how some woman this Christmas are trying not stuff their faces to “keep their figure.” This statement was pretty confusing to me. Body positivity has been all the rage these past few years, I’m making this post to continue on with this beautiful realization. That we are perfect as long as we are healthy and happy. So I and Adore Me are encouraging you to look at yourself in a different light. Go out. Put on that dress you’ve been questioning to rock, or stay in and strut your stuff alone at home in some Adore Me lingerie. Whatever you do, do it with confidence in yourself and knowledge. Our bodies come in a rainbow of colours and a large variety of sizes, your body is not the wrong one, just a rare gem.

Adore me has a large variety of sizes and shapes in there collection. If you’re concerned about sizing, they also have customization on the website. I love their effort to make everybody (no pun intended) to feel included. Check them out, they’re pretty coolio.


I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to follow this blog here, and on Bloglovin’. Be sure to check out Adore Me as well and see the options they have for EVERYONE.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Everyone.

Outfit Details:

Top………………..Made by me

Skirt………………Made by me

Necklace…………Forever 21


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